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    Hey a couple buddies of mine and I were thinking of getting some nitro slayers for the track we have built in my backyard. I have a revo 3.3 and a jato 3.3 they have tmaxx.s and a losi 1/8 monster truck. We were wondering if these trucks were much fun and how durable they were and if you guys had anything you did not like about them... like rollovers suspension and so forth.
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    This is the funnest truck I have driven it is super fun and really durable.
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    Its a blast when you get a bunch together. You can bump and rub and beat up on each other without the worry of hopping a wheel. The Slayer takes a little getting used to. It has a whole different attitude than the Revo. As far as durability, they are right there with the Revo. Theres a few quirks or bugs but overall its very durable.

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    I would say they are VERY durable I have bashed very hard with mine and have not broken that much stuff. They do like to roll over easily but it will make you drive better.

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