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    New E-REVO owner with ?

    Picked up a used one and have some questions.
    It's not in bad shape really, the tires are the only thing that show any wear.

    Anyway, it came with two Venom 4200 7 cells packs that I beleave are junk.
    When fully charged I only get 2-3 minutes run time out of them and one got too hot to handle when chargeing. I've read the 4200 packs have a reputation for explodeing so they'll probably be disposed of.

    I've got two ***** 2C 5000 Lipos I bought to run in my SLASH and then found out we're limited to NiMH 4600's in the stock class.

    So with the Lipo's, what kind of run times should I expect?

    Also, with my SLASH I know the weak parts are shock caps and hub carriers.
    I have no idea on the REVO. What should I upgrade for durability?
    Not looking for bling, just parts to make it more durable.
    I keep extra RPM hub carriers in my box for the SLASH (broken 2 already).
    What should I stock up on for the REVO?
    Should I upgrade the chassis,skid plates?
    A buddy of mine has an older nitro REVO and said at a skate park he was jumping his from 10 ft high and had no problems at all till he ran into a parked Toyota pickup going full steam and snapped the chassis in half.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    You really don't need to upgrade anything until you break something. The stock setup for a brushed Revo is very well balanced. Maybe get RPM arms if you break the stock ones.

    As for run times, we get about 20 min or hard bashing with some 5000 NiMH ProMatch packs.

    It is a great truck, have fun!!
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