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    Mini Revo Quick Review

    After removing the revo from the box and giving it a once over ,tightened a few screws (watch the rocker arms) installed the antenna and juiced the single pack that came with the truck. Took about 55min on my 720i set on 1.5 amps. Now off to run the steer servo I must say surprised me it had good power and fairly quick response no need for 2. This things pretty dang fast on just one nimh pack it even popped the front end up. I only ran about 5 minutes and had to stop for the day but all I can say it great job traxxas !!
    let'er rip

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    Sounds good...
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    sweet! thats encouraging!
    Got Li-Po?

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    Just ran through a stock battery in my Revo in my back yard lawn. Run time was about 8 minutes non-stop. Battery charged up to about 1300mah according to my charger.

    It's a lot faster than I thought it would be. Handles the grass and bumps pretty nice. Tons of grip. Too much grip cause it would roll if I turned too sharply in the grass. It pulled wheelies pretty easily in the first couple minutes off the charger too.

    Fun and what I wanted. I may add some weights to the wheels so it doesn't flip over so easily.

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