Try MOUSER electronics for heat sinks/fans/thermal grease/ doublesided foam tape etc and you should have your hot little truck running cool as a cucumbmer! It worked on my 1/16 Losi brushless which is staying cool at 50mph+. Just use your best judgement to solder them in where appropriate and attach where needed. Use heat sink and thermal grease on the speed control with a small fan a larger fan with double sided foam tape for the engine(or zip strips) Seeing how the engine size is bigger on the traxxas I could see 60mph+ if you can keep it on the ground! My revo-e 1/16 is on back order. I'll let you know details if anyone whants for part numbers and instructions after I get mine all set up. Also drill air inlets where there are natural pressure points on the body...out lets too of course. I can't wait to got mine!

P.S. - I'm new to this so forgive any etiquette mistakes.