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    traxxas webshop, flatrate, replace items

    First hit i had with the slash after 20 runs or so was BINGO, broken of a caster block, the steel pole was harder then the slash's front part.

    So i went looking for replacement, only -1- shop (i found many, perhaps 20 or so) had the option for 'enveloppe mail'. Very cheap, cheaper then ordering here in the netherlands by mail ! I ordered 2 sets of casterblocks (standard, because if i had metal perhaps other / more was broken, i see it as a sacrifise part). I wont advertise but it sounds like a liquid rc shop ;-)

    These casterblocks do not come withe the long vertical screw with its threads right after the head of the screw. The original screw is bent a little.
    Also i ordered a front bulkhead and front arms, all standard, because they must have had a hit to, and all upfront is very slightly pointing of to the right.
    So if these front parts go 'dead' also at some point... i am prepared.
    Now i am benched for the time it will take for the stuff to get from usa to here in the netherlands a.k.a. holland.

    The items are 'cheap', but shipping alone, to europe costs AT LEAST 26 dollars, more then my 16 dollar order that then would be 42 dollars!!
    At the shop i found it is about 88 cents for sending it to me! GREAT !

    So traxxas please sell standard replacement items WITH screws for that parts, and ship worldwide for low prices by standard mail, please, it will get even more rc enthousiasts go for slash / traxxas in the nethelands imo !!

    The traxxas webshop does not ship to europe, yet, hope u will, good prices and also snailmail cheap enveloppe option !
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