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    Zapped *****

    Hello, I'm a long time reader, first time writer. I have a question about a Lipo battery.

    Last night I received the ***** Lipo (3S 5000 mAh) battery that I had been anxiously awaiting.
    I was in a hurry to get to my race night, and when I went to to change the connectors I shorted the battery for just a second (my fault) and now it won't work. It reads 0 volts with a volt meter and it won't take a charge.

    My question for the Lipo experts is:

    Should I try to peel open the plastic wrap to see what's wrong? Or should I send it back to Hong Kong (I live in Canada) and gamble that they will fix or replace it.


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    This sounds like a question for the folks that handle the customer support for your battery pack.

    Thread Closed.
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