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    Street Slash

    I know you think I'm dumb to run my Slash basically on pavement all the time, but it works best for me. With that in mind, would the Traxxas Chrome All Star wheel with the Anaconda Tires work good for my setup?

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    The all-star's are quite a bit larger then the 2.2 tires.. you can get some nice 2.2 onroads if you look around IE: Maybe these? or These

    But if you want to get bigger tires, then there are a number of choices. I have an on-road slash (so its not that crazy and I went with the anaconda's. They seem great and i like them..

    I looked at the road rage's as well, and im in love with the tread (looks WAY more realistic) but, i already owned my anacondas so i didnt get them.

    I do know though, the road rage's wont fit on all-star rims.. well they might if you glue the bagezers out of them.. but they dont sit in the wheel wells properly.. so if you decide to go with them, prolly best to pick up the 30 series rims as well
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