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    lipo high volt cell error

    hi guys, i need your help.. i have a ******* accu 8 charger and ******* 3s 5k 25c, i dont know why but now, when i try to charge my lipo (i have 4 pair), i charge 2 at time, first cell go in over voltage.. 4.70V and charging stop.. with every battery..
    ok, you think it's the charger, but i think it isn't..
    i wait a couple of days, try to charge my lipo again and everythings goes ok, every cell its correctly balance..

    it's possible have this error if i don't wait for cut off when i use them? try to explain my thought: how the cell discharge? one at time or all togheter? if i use and dont wait for cut off it's possible that one cell is still charge?

    what can i do to resolve? i tried to discharge with charger, tried to store with charger (one time it works) but i dont found a final solution..

    i know, cheap stuff, china stuff, isn't good, but i dont want to spend 800$ to buy 4 smc 9000 and hyperion duo v3, not for now, but i'm thinking to sell my lipo/charger/ps on ebay and buy better stuff..

    p.s. what is a good ps for the hyp duo v3?
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    Contact the manufacturer. This is the Traxxas forum, and ******* support is the responsibility of *******.
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