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    I still need a Lipo charger

    My last thread got deleted, have no idea why. Maybe cause I mentioned the brand of batteries? That was a irrelevant part of the post anyway and could have been edited out very easily. Would be nice if someone PMed me why

    The moderators will allow discussion regarding:
    1. Pros and cons of purchasing an aftermarket part for your Traxxas vehicle.
    2. Sharing your experiences, either bad or good with a particular part.
    3. Posting what it took to install the part and what you had to modify to make it work in your Traxxas vehicle

    I truly feel that everything in that thread followed the above guidelines. I wanted to know if I could charge in series or in parallel and how to do it. Sure seems to fit under item #3

    Also, chargers are not really aftermarket parts, they are support items REQUIRED to run the car.

    I have 6 3s 30c 5000MAH lipo batteries that need to be charged. I had some answers about the requirements to charge them in series and parallel but no longer have that since the thread was deleted.

    What are the pros and cons of series versus parallel. I was also considering a dual port charger but it now seems that really isnt important.

    I was looking at a charger that could charge 20 amps. I was wondering if it was possible to connect 4 batteries in parallel and keep them all balanced.

    edited to add that the batteries are 3s
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    Judd, I sent you a PM on how to do this! With the iCharger 208B you could do FOUR 4S 5000 mAh lipos in parallel .... 16.8volts @ 20 AMPS = 336 watts ... using the right connection cables and tap adapters.

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    Your question was a tech support question that should be answered by the manufacturer.

    Would be nice if someone PMed me why
    You could have easily PM'ed a moderator to ask why, instead of starting yet another thread knowing your previous one was deleted. If you have further questions, PM me. Do not start another thread regarding this.
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