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    18CV-RX experience?

    I have just bought this engine, I have it all installed, went through the instructions to break it in, ive ran 7 tanks through it , turning 30 degrees each time. It still has ALOT of blue smoke coming out.

    My question is, what is roughly the sweet spot? I mean how many turns on the needle valve? Im just scared i might lean it out too much, It just seems like soo many turns. I started at 2, ive turned it 210 degrees. so its about 1 3/4 turns out? Is this what everyone else is roughly running at?

    Any info would be great. Its been soo long since Ive had time to play with the truck, I just dont want to wreck anything too soon! lol

    Thanks, Tim

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    You should contact the manufacturer, or use other means, for specific tech support regarding aftermarket products.

    For more information, read this thread.
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