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    Maxamps Warranty issue.

    I have been using 2 9 month old Maxamps 3s 5000mAh lipo packs in my E-Revo turned brushless (traxxas edition MMM combo) since the beginning of april I'd say on the daily, and they worked great each time.
    2 weeks ago I installed the freshly charged packs to the second plug of the MMM esc and it gave off a Larger then normal spark and a poof of smoke. The packs were at 12.09v give or take, before I hooked em up mind you.
    Well the aftermath... One pack was fine, the first one I hookd up and the second pack, the one with the bad spark was @ zero volts. (ESC was fine. I checked it with my 2s lipo packs.)

    I had purchased the 3 year warranty with the packs and I sent them in figuring that theyd take care of them and Id have them back shortly. Not so. I just talked to someone today with Maxamps and they said that since I used them in the MMM esc, that the warranty would not cover the packs cus the amperage was exceeded by using those specific packs in the Monster Max ESC. Is this right? I thought the 100amp given off by the combined packs was in the range of the amp requirements. Albeit on the low side of things, wouldnt they still be considered passable? I could be wrong. IDK
    They offered me 25% off some new MMM capable packs. Their newest 3s packs, so that would be close to $250.

    Im seething at the moment. Mad @ them, upset with myself, that I devulged that the packs were used in the MMM. I dont know what to do.

    Any advice on the matter would be appreciated.

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    This is the Traxxas forum. Specific warranty and tech support for aftermarket manufacturers should be taken elsewhere. I'd suggest contacting MaxAmps, or a MaxAmps forum.
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