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    The EBRE was released here 3 months after the Savage Flux and for $300 more, that's why I went the way I did. A lot of it comes back to dealer support, US guys are lucky to have Traxxas support directly, here we are at the mercy of the Australian wholesaler who has one huge mark up, a Stock Traxxas Slash locally is $449, at the current exchange rate of $1 AU = $0.83 US that works out to $372.67 USD

    How much do you guys pay?

    Check out the local price on the EBRE

    That is $1157.85 USD!!!

    And parts are an impossible find, I called 5 local hobby stores looking for a Traxxas Slash gear cover, noone had any, but I can get Savage parts anywhere.

    The EBRE is a nice truck, no question but in my case, there is simply no back up, it was more expensive and came out 3 months later than the Savage Flux.
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    oh yeah you gottat work with what parts you can get. I can get traxxas parts so very easily but not others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by danielhr77
    I don't think so that's why it would be nice to have a comparison between them... We don't have any Savage Flux here in Argentina to compare to my MMM E-Maxx... But, to tell you the truth, I couldn't find any LOSI, HPI or Traxxas truck that could match the ERBE...

    And, this is the article again:
    Couldn't get that one either (said something like too many uploads or bandwidth exceeded)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pulse
    ..for you IMO.

    "they just aren't very good" -> what does that mean?
    Well, it means exactly what it says, that the Savage isn't very good. Twin Vertical Plate chassis are for rock-crawlers, not high-speed monster trucks. The entire design of the truck is just plain complicated. I don't mean it is hard to work on or anything, I mean the layout and design is just not thought out very well. Things are put together in such a way that to get to one part, you have to remove 12's just not efficient at all. The shocks are horrible, the truck rides and handles like a brick on steel wheels, and the only thing it has going for it is that it really is extremely durable. This is all, of course, just my opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erbeplatinum
    The savage is awesome! It kills the emaxx by 10. The t/emaxx is a crappy piece of crap imo compared to the savage.
    The stock Savage is more durable than a stock Maxx, because in stock form the Maxx is very brittle. But, you have to understand that the Savage is a true 1/8 scale truck with much beefier 1/8 scale parts, while the Maxx is a 1/10 scale truck with weaker 1/10 parts, especially in stock form. I do agree that the Savage is better than the Maxx series of trucks in stock form, but with a little work and a few upgrades, the Maxx becomes better than the Savage.

    The Revo is a completely different story...stock or modified, the Revo is just plain better than the Savage. Yes, the Revo still uses 1/10 scale parts and the Savage is still true 1/8 scale, but the Revo more than makes up for that in it's design, handling, technology, and overall ability, and is beefy enough where it is needed to protect the weaker parts.
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    These xxx vs. xxx threads never end up going anywhere good, but generally degrade into flamefests and a waste of space.

    For more information please consult the following links.
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