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    SMC 2S 8000 Charging question

    My SMC 8000 2S 28C packs arrived today.

    I am charging them with my current chargera Triton Electrify EQ.

    It only does 5 amps.

    Will my charger charge these fully or do I need new charger?

    In the menu on the chrager you have to choose the Mah closest to your battery. The closest is 5000Mah.


    I charged away. It put exactly 5500Mah on both packs, One in 66 minutes and one in 68 minutes.

    Were they partially charged or wont my charger fill these batteries?

    If It will charge them, I don't mind that it will take longer, I usually only do one bash session in a day when I run my RCs. Besides its probably better for the batteries charging them slower!

    I just want to know if I need a new charger.
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    Contact the manufacturer for specific tech support.
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