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    Exclamation A question for you 32p boys.

    after going to a track today and striping yet another spur, i'm finally going to switch over to 32 pitch gearing, but since i'm new to it, i need to get a few things straight.

    1. what gearing is the closest to 17/90 gearing or around there
    2. what car has the slipper clutch design like the slash that i can order for the spur.
    3. how do i know what pinion has the right shaft size for my motor.
    4. any part numbers etc would be very appreciated.

    Thanks guys!
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    I had same question last time and these are the answers from the boys. For

    2. use the slash stock slipper clutch
    3. it says 3.17mm bore
    4. smallest is 12T from traxxas, so you can get from robinson racing for 11T or smaller.

    i hope this helps

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    17/90 is 5.29 ratio and 11/58 is 5.27 ratio.
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