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    Diffs factory filled ? (good?)

    Just bought a used ERBE.
    The previous owner just drove a couple of packs before discovering it was to big for him, so the thing looks almost new.

    I also have the mini-Revo which I know from own experience has the diff's almost empty from factory. Is this the same with ERBE? Or are these diffs properly filled from factory? Not really feeling like dismantling the whole thing and then discovering the diffs are filled up nicely.

    And is there any way to tell from the outside if the diffs are filled without opening the whole thing? For example by the amount of resistance when manually blocking one wheel or anything like that??


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    It seems to be hit or miss with traxxas, sometimes the diffs are filled, sometimes half full, sometimes empty, some people have found them filled with grease instead of diff fluid.

    You should be able to tell by spinning the wheels, if there is no resistance and they spin freely then they probably don't have much or any fluid in them.

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    IMHO it's worth doing the teardown to check the diffs if you repack with 50K diff oil in the front and 10K in the back, or any combination yielding a stiffer front and looser rear. This makes significant handling improvements because your truck's front will pull a bit more than the rear pushes, which prevents the rear coming loose when you accelerate hard on lower traction surfaces.
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