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    Just bought a new Mamba Monster to convert my e-revo to brushless

    Just bought a new Mamba Monster to convert my brushed e-revo.
    I was wanting some good recommendations on 4s & 6s lipos.
    Also is there a particular motor mount or anything else that i need to buy to do the conversion?
    Thanks for any input!
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    2.4 radio would probably help.
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    Cograts on the purchase! You can use the stock motor mount if you choose to do so. If you want to you can upgrade to the single mount with gear cover to save weight and add air flow to the motor.

    I have Neu Energy and some new ******* lipos. The Neu one I have had for some time and they have been proving themselves great. The ******* ones are new and the ran really well today and may have a bit more power than the other due to the higher C rating. The ******* lipos cost about half as much as the Neu Energy ones.

    Brians last two links are not needed at all. They are the same on both trucks. You could get the mounting plate in the first link and this.

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    I can tell you the batteries I chose, and would recommend, but what I though I'd share is my musings on this topic. There lots of good info in this thread to help you make a power setup decision for the ERBE. Have fun!
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    By the way... the Aluminum Motor Mount that Brian015 posted and the mount hinge post are the same as the ones that came with your brushed revo... so you won't have to order those. Just the motor plate and the single motor cover.

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