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    Same old Chassis breakage?

    First of all this thing is awesome. I'm very happy . One of the major problems I had and continue to have with the o.g. slash is the way in which the chassis is mounted to the rear of the truck by those four weak points...and the snag-prone rear skid / brace. Now I'm glad to see the snag issue has been addressed, but the way the rear of the truck mounts up seems (and this is only my innitial perception) to mount up in much the same fashion, but through a much smaller narrower footprint (highlighted in green)
    Maybe I'm way off base here, but what is keeping this from breaking in the same way that my Slash has broken so many times?

    I'm not worried about the chassis breaking, I'm just surprised our GRAPHIC broke so easily!
    I can personally vouch for the durability of Slash 4X4. They can take a mighty big hit. Ask Jason Sams at RCCA! --Pete
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