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    Traxxaes most tunable chassis?

    I absolutely LOVE this chassis! Its so tunable, for racing or bashing. Im going to throw a monster energy tundra body on it paint the bead locks black and put some big lipos in it and then just fitle with everything to get it tuned in perfectly. Cant wait for this truck! this will be my first rc sense my rusty i had when i was 10 or so (I'm now 16) and know a lot more about mechanics compared to then (i kinda destroyed my rustler) anyway, i live in the denver area and would love to get some spec races started! This is going to be an epic truck.

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    yeah, I agree. it even has a spot for a transponder, so it will probly be racing. good job traxxas. mayby another home run.
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    Looks like the only one more tunable will be the Revo's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corracing
    This is going to be an epic truck.
    Amen to that!
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