In my observations of people complaining of RC cars that are RTR or kit is annoying. I may sound ignorant to the veterans, but really?, RC bloomed after many companies started making RTR's to get "STARTED." Would you just want RC's to yourselves or something? Why not make the RC population grow so it can be fun and competitive with others with RC's. I do miss the fact that when building a kit, you can learn from it. I have built many RC's too, but with our knowledge of building it, I'm sure many has a general idea of how all of these RC's are built. One that I thought was complicated, was tearing down a REVO. The suspension was not on other RC's so I had to get use to it when rebuilding or replacing components on the truck. If kits were still being made, not many innovations would have occurred. It would probably just be plain jane and basic RC's. Just be thankful how RC's are now. For example, look at the Slash 4x4. Innovation!! Selling many RTR's before allowed them to achieve funds for R&D for "innovation."

Just had to rant.

and yes, I feel much better now.