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    Another rear steer

    Hi All,
    Here is my attempt at rear steering. It actually works fairly well in spite of the independent suspension. The wheels do steer slightly as the suspension cycles, but remember I'm using slayer arms so the rest of you w/ your longer arms it will be less noticeable.

    Ask away, it was easy to set up and very effective. It does improve its ability to rock crawl but I'm starting to conclude that it doesn't get much better.

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    Take a vid of it
    Are you an RC addict?

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    +1 on a video or more pics. Looks very weird but would like to see it work.
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    they have to share for now

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    great looking crsftsmanship. But we need a top view to really see the angles and connections, looks great. what type of controller and how is your servo wiring hooked up, I know spektrum controllers can slow the turning speed of the rear servo for more controlled cornering.

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