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    Advice for A123 cells

    Hey guys looking for more advice
    I know that some of you use A123 cells
    and build them your self and that's my plan too
    I tried soldering some last night but I have
    trouble soldering the aluminum side
    what flux should I get or what method?
    I am planing to use them on my Slash any changes
    I should make on my truck also like gearing?
    Brushless Velineon Slash


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    you need aluminum soldering flux, or zinc paste. not sold at radio shack. You can also buy a lipo sized a123 pack for like $30 from hobby city
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    for the velenion this battery is great http://www.*********.com/*********/s...C_LiFePo4_Pack

    i'm using one right now and it work like a charm. 9.9 volt as heavy like a 8 cell hump nimh but with better discharge rate.
    these vid may help you with the soldering

    the first time I tried soldering I use this as a guide to get my cells from the dewalt packs

    this I used to build my fisrt pack
    but now as the cells are avilable with tabs i prefer using those and avoid the mess.
    And as Moose say you will need aluminiun specific solder and flux... and get a heavier iron . soldering without tabs can be done but can damage the cells if you are not carefull .( i destroyed a few cells myself) .

    final link i used

    hope it help

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