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    Exclamation Broken rear diff the third time

    Hi All!
    I’m facing a serious problem about my SUMMIT’s rear differential. It was broken the third time now. I really don’t drive very aggressive or do something like bashing with it. I just installed a mid range BL system made by KD (850W). I investigated that the problem is always about the ring gear and the pinion gear inside the differential. While driving first a clicking noise appears. If I continue driving the tops of the tooth of the gears will be sheared-off.
    The first time I faced this problem it was caused by a broken bearing inside the differential housing that pivots the pinion gear. Thereby it could slip back some small tenth of a millimeter so that the gears did not mesh properly anymore. Substituting the bearings with a full metal one solved that problem for now. Anyway I had to substitute the complete differential housing because the broken bearing and the tooth parts were scattered all around the housings.

    But after repairing the differential was broken again a similar way. This time the substituted bearing is well but the ring gear was loosen from the inner differential housing (5681) because the threads were destroyed. Again the meshing between ring gear and pinion gear was out of order and the tops of the tooth of the gears were sheared-off. So I replaced all the parts again, as it were a complete new differential (including the full metal bearing).
    Not fine again! This time I stopped driving the second I realized the first small clicking noise. The noise tells me that the meshing is bad again. What could the reason be? Is the differential housing (5680) deforming itself by a power of 850W? Or is the differential carrier (5681) to weak?

    Now I think about installing the rear differential from a brushless E-REVO to my SUMMIT. It should stand the power of 2200W. Sure with this I can’t lock the rear differential anymore but an unlockable diff is worth more than an broken one. Does anybody know about a suitable differential made of metal?

    Thanks for your answers!
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