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    Replace stock shocks

    Does anybody have a good replacement for the stock shocks on my 1/16 scale slash VXL 4WD? The stock one seems week and my truck seems to “sag”.

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    try this site, got everything you ill ever need

    just choose any shocks for ur slash and youll be good. I'm sure ppl well tell u 1 is better than another, but if your just a basher like me. you wont be able to tell. me i got the GTR shocks from traxxas and black spring for the back and tan for front

    Just get some 40wt & 70wt shock oil. then ur set
    *40wt for the front, 70wt for the back*
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    Do yourself a favor and get some with screw on bottoms, gpm and hot racing both make some. Eliminates the popping bottom cap problem.
    If your main problem is sagging, you need stronger springs, the gpm shocks do have stronger springs included.
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