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Thread: MERV tuning

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    Question MERV tuning

    Tuning a RC race car or truck is a science, or is it an art?, where I am a long way to master! It's a compromise game and it's time consuming.

    I feel most of us can get nice shortcuts by asking more experienced hobbyists to share their experience. Yes, that's you. "Why and How" is what we are looking for.

    The first questions (red for my short term needs) :
    - How do you find the best gear ratio (For speed, thermal, durability, control)?
    - How do you tune your damping system (Oil vs spring vs piston holes vs travel vs angles)?
    - Tires. Every track (& track condition) requires the perfect tire match for ultimate fun... What is your tire tuning process? (Traction limits, durability, wheel choice, assembly (water proof vs venting holes? Can you glue a perfectly sealed tire? I find tire/wheel assembly particularly challenging.... Any tricks?).
    - Wheel angles. Camber and Toe. The MERV seems to lack precision on that front. Anyone that played/tune long enough with 5 or more RC car, please provide feedback.
    - ... feel free to complete.

    Thanks for sharing your tricks. Time is such a precious thing.
    What have you learned today?

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    I only bash on tarmac with 3s or 4s lipo so keep that in mind, never have overheating issues

    Stock ESC with external Bec / Mamba Max
    23/55 or 21/50 gearing
    Never had any joy with stock shocks replaced with GPM items which are cheap and great
    I run Proline Titus Beadlocks with Traxxas Anaconda Tires (Dirt Hawgs work well on most surfaces)
    I also like the stock wheel tire combo but they wear very quick
    Havent found need to play with angles much allthough fitting the Aluminium Tie Rods and Toe Links helps with tracking (without them always had to trim to keep it straight)

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    SCT MMP / 2400kv

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    No tranny-gear flip? How tall are those Anacondas?
    Spike 553

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