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Thread: after running

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    after running

    hi what do i do after i run in the snow with my mini revo. i know to use wd40 but where thanks

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    All exposed steel parts will tend to rust if the moisture isn't displaced by the WD-40, so almost everywhere especially on suspension and drivetrain components. A-arm hinge pins, pivot balls, steel hollow balls, shocks, screw-heads, steering linkage, servo-saver, slipper-clutch spring & nut etc.

    I think the stock motor pinion and spur gear are plastic, so you can leave those alone.

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    i never use wd-40. after im done bashing i immediately throw my merv in the sink and wash it off. once it's clean i usually air dry it with my air compressor. i hate using wd-40 tho dirt always sticks to it.
    Piercings can and will get caught in antenna tubes

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