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    TQ 2.4GHz - LiPo Mod

    Hello Guys,

    With this mod you can use a 3S LiPo battery on the transmitter... I already posted this on the E-Revo Brushless forum, but inside another thread...

    This will void your warranty and I'm not responsable if you ruin your transmitter...

    First, I opened the TQ, removed the battery holder and the circuit board and removed both wires (red/black) that come from the battery holder...

    Then, I soldered a 3S voltage monitor from ********* to those two pads...

    And, installed a Futaba male connector where the original wires were before...

    I installed everything back in, and put the voltage monitor on the right side of the grip...

    And, this is how it looks with the external connector and the LiPo installed... I removed all the springs to make it look better...

    This is the LiPo: http://www.*********.com/*********/s...idProduct=9787

    This is the LVA: http://www.*********.com/*********/s...idProduct=7223

    And, this is how it sounds when I turn it on...

    I'm getting 20 hours of runtime with this single 3S LiPo battery (1450mAh) and it only weights like 4 NiMh AA batteries...

    Hope you like the upgrade...


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