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    !!Show us you Workspace!!

    This thread is desiganated for posting your own workspace where you tinker with R.C.'s.


    1: This thread is for pictures and videos only, if you have a question for one of the people posting a picture, please send them an e-mail or a PM so the thread doesn't get cluttered with chit-chat. If you are posting a picture, please make sure your preferences are set to receive PM's from other members)

    2: Maximum picture size should be 640x480 (preferably smaller) so it will fit on most people's computer screens without scrolling, and to be considerate to those on a dial-up connection. Anything larger will be deleted.

    3: Anything off topic will be deleted.

    4: Any "dead" links - you guessed it - deleted.

    5: If Posts include some of your cars make sure the only cars/trucks/boats shown are traxxas R/C.

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