No sweat. I shattered the steel gear twice. Removed third and gave it back to my son. It was his bday present.
The thick solid gear is from the 2 speed Savage. It is part of the formular to build a "bullet proof" savy 3 speed. The thin version is from the stock 3 speed Savy. The design of it is on borrow time right from getgo.
I also used the steel clutches from the Savy instead of the aluminum deal. I found with the 3.3, I needed a bit more rotational mass for it to engage.
When it was dialed in, I could modulate the throttle to dance between 2nd and 3rd. It was pretty cool.
Bottom out the slipper, lowest gear ratio you can fit, smallest tires that you have, you will love it.
Good luck on ur build.