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    damage report (PE, 3s, 1/8 big blocks, nuttin but jumps)

    about 30-40 mins on 3s. aka front adapters, ebay badlands 1/8ths (big blocks). platinum truck with hub carriers.
    just jumping, over and over and over again. short jump, about 12" height over 30" or so run out. at most, i was getting about 5 feet high, 12ish feet long, landing on hard packed gravel (alley).

    -body clips. destroyed 4 of them, all on the rear. im running a pro-line hardcore body, and it's hardcore alright. keeps bending the clips in half, pulled two through which i had to cut out of the body posts. truck doesn't like landing on it's roof or rear corners... front "grille" kept popping in front of the bumper too... first half was real rough... never really jumped alot before. 2nd half was much longer (faster) jumps landing on it's wheels. 3s helps with in air corrections... lots of torque.

    -wheel fell off. i had an aka nut split, which i put back on. i knew it would fall off. i shoot a dot of silicone in between the nut and the inside of the adapter to keep these from backing out... works great so far. i don't know where i put my thread locker...

    -3s rhino lipo- lots of puddles, slush, and snow. i don't waterproof my lipo's. i also forgot i turned off my LVC on the VXL... i hate the thing, only planned on running out for a few moments, and havn't installed my lvc alarm yet... so i ran it until it started to drop. i'll put it in the charger once it recovers a bit, see where the cells are. no apparent damage from the water though.

    -after considerably hard use, using taught springs, aluminum hub carriers, 1/8th buggy wheels, everything folks have blamed on bent axles, i havn't bent an axle. to me, it seems very clear there was a bad batch, and i don't think i got one.

    FYI- first speed run on my 2wd slash, it took a tumble on pavement, broke the rear carrier. personally, my PE is much MUCH more rugged than my 2wd slash(s). the lack of a transmission, the PE upgrades, and the better handling make the 2wd old news to me personally. it was/is a very significant truck, proved that sometimes scale matters more than handling, but i'll be selling mine shortly.

    if only the vxl esc didn't stink... the mamba max will be transfered over shortly...

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    Accepting requests for bashing at GREENWOOD BASHPLEX in Pittsburgh PA!! Check the thread in the track buddy forum and reply there or pm
    Its good to hear from the people that got the truck that the factory intended to show up.
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    I Agree, must of been a bad batch. I have launched my rtr and PE several times of my sons 3' high skate ramp with zero bent axles. We have 2 RTR's and I have the PE, we are very hard on them and have only broken a front diff output, and a C-hub.

    I love mine!
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    I hope it was just a bad batch. Just my 2nd race today and broke the axle I bent in the first race.

    Its funny, after finally getting the suspension dialed in so it would quit lawn darting off the jumps, the axle breaks. This is the first Traxxas RC I have been dissapointed in. Once they get the axle issue figured out, or MIP comes out with some, I will probably really enjoy it. This truck would probably make a killer basher, but I really question how much track time went into these before they were released.
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    It's not a bad batch it's happening on the 2wd stub axels aswell. I pretty much only race now and axels are lasting about 5hrs of use. I'm notthe only one I raced with three other awd slashes and they are bending aswell. At this point I am strongly considering selling it and getting the hyper10. I'm over having to fix mine while eveyone else is having fun.

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