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    omg plz help family2003 and ttypedan unbelievable

    I fixed my diffs you where right ttypedan my bearings were done with as u can see in the last post I made.. now sense I put my summit back together when I drive and get down on it my summit losses power like it's not getting a good signal the lights on the esc orange and green but then when I drive it fast the light will turn orange but it will still have a green light beside the orange light but as I hit the gas the light is green then turns orange but it will also have a green light. if I type the gas it will have a green light if I hold it.... it will still have a green light an orange light it ain't the tires ain't spinning nearly as fast as they should

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    Sounds like you got a bad connection somewhere. Check your wiring and connectors.
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    Omg billgates how do u have so many problems? 1?!?!?!?! Its insane dude. Eithier ur doing stuff all wrong or u bought a lemon. I would seriously sell the truck u have and go get another lol. And yes this problem u have here means ur not wired properly its the esc error codes .

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