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    new to the game, nitro 4tec

    First want to say I am extremely new to the world of r.c. cars. With out doing any research I bought a nitro 4 tec 2.5 from my cousin. (overpayed!) he said he only ran it 3 times and it had been sitting for awhile. I found a reciept in the box and found out it's been sitting since 03. Either way the motor is locked up. I want to do the TRADE UP and put the 3.3 motor in it. my question is what other parts should I upgrade to if i'm going to put the 3.3 in it. Also how do you remove the gas tank. I don't want any of the crap in the old tank going through my new motor. thanks for any advice

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    Check out this thread for info on the engine swap...

    I removed my fuel tank the other day by flipping the chassis over and removing all the screws. Then when everything was removed from the chassis, I pushed down on the fuel tank and it popped right out. There might be an easier way but I was also replacing the chassis screws because a few were stripped from the cars previous owner.

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