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Thread: 17mm Hubs

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    Question 17mm Hubs

    Hi Slashers,

    What are the benefits of running 17mm wheel hubs? The big, heavy tires look cool for sure, but don't they put loads of extra strain on servos and drivetrain parts?

    I know I want a MT or truggy with high ground clearance and decent speed and torque. I like the adaptability of the slash 4x4. but I wonder if changing a model too much from what it was originally designed to be makes sense. Wouldn't it be better to trust the knowledge and expertise of the people who design kits and just go with a monster truck to begin with?



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    Well the reason I went with 17mils is because I kept stripping the 12mils. I got the same size wheels as before just with a 17mm hex instead of 12mm.

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    durability, it is a lot harder to strip a 17mm....

    so, I have the hr 17mm adapter in a 6mm offset, it is a great kit, but.... I just wasn't happy with how the larger tires made my vehicle perform.... I loved the look, and could go over everything, but couldn't drive it the way I wanted to, which was hard and fast, it tipped over liek crazy, and I have a pretty soft, tuned suspension

    I do have 12mm metal hexes now, as I have mip x duty axles.... and really, haven't had any issues, just keep the wheels tight

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    Just because you have 17mm hubs does not mean you have to run monster wheels/tires.

    DE Racing makes their Trinidad wheels with a 17mm hub, but it is an SC wheel (2.2/3.0) that takes standard SC tires.

    You can also get JConcepts' 2.8" G-Loc tires and mount the4m on Proline's 2.8 F-11 wheels with a 17mm hub.
    The G-Loc tires have a smaller ID then stock SC tires.

    G-Loc specs:
    Inner Diameter: 2.8" (71mm)
    Outer Diameter: 3.8" (96mm)
    Width: 2" (50mm)
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