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    Drag Race Results Revo 3.3 vs T-Maxx - Top Speed - Tune ?

    I just came back inside from Drag Racing my Stock Revo 3.3 #5309 against my neighbors T-Maxx 3.3 (newest model).
    My Revo was running TRX Top Fuel 20%, with what I thought was a very good tune.
    My neighbor is running TRX Top Fuel 33%, with what seems to be a good tune.

    When Drag racing it came down to whoever got the jump, and was too close to call, so we pulled out the GPS to strap down to the trucks and do some WOT 100+ yards speed runs...Here's the results..

    Avg approx 41 mph
    Best 42.4 mph

    Avg approx 42 mph
    Best 43.1

    For both vehicles box stock is this accurate, or do we need to work on the tune?

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    Throw some 33% in yours and see what happens with a retune.
    Also, you have reverse and he does not (assuming his is the 4908). Go with a FOC and also see if you get anything else out of it.
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    That is about right,

    i clocked a lot of stock Revo and T-maxx when i did break-in and tuning when i helped my friend with his hobbyshop, had the chance to clock some with the owners....

    They all did between 41-45mph stock.
    World fastest E-revo 91.2mph / Revo 75mph

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