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i got me a slash pe which is incredible..will post a vid these days..
only thing i ripped off is one of the dishes that hold the lower end of the rear shocks´ springs...manual says its part 2668 or 2660...

seems to be 2 whole shocks,

i guess i need

what makes me unsure is that these similar looking parts on the plastic looks like ones that where included in the PE and are intended for smaller diameter springs to be used with the big bores?!?!

Big Thx to you steve for the thread...great work...
setup ran fine for my bashing experience either..looking for other shocks, though....
any info on how to run your setup with the stock shocks?
could you specify the shock values of the big bores stock and ther ones you use to have a start when looking for other kinds of shocks?
which springs are more common/more favoured? the bigger or smaller diameter ones?

thx and greets

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad it's working for you. The smaller diameter springs actually have the same value. They're just smaller diameter and require smaller retainers as you've found out. The size of the retainer really doesn't matter as long as it fits the springs. I personally prefer the larger diameter, because it keeps the springs from rubbing the shock bodies and it just looks better with a larger spring. IMO

as far as replacements for the larger springs, just get a parts tree from a plastic Ultra shock parts tree. should be searchable on the buytraxxas.com site