Well, a while ago I came up with a cheap extension for my pede, made a thread about it, and it had a lot of hits. I used my girlfriends computer at the time, and now have no access to the photos. Lately have been getting a bunch of requests for pics so I am going to redo it. I am using old beat up parts here, but the process is the important part. This is a strong mod and has served my pede's well.

You will need:
1) Extra stock rear body mount.
2) Two 3x16 hex screws.
3) Four 3x10 hex screws.
4) Two 3x8 hex screws with locknuts and washers.
5) Something to cut down rear body mount. I used a Dremmel.

First, cut the extra rear pede body mount down like this:

Next we will relocate the rear skid plate. You have to drill 2 new holes into the bottom of the chassis up into the unused screw holes in the chassis (red arrow).
I actually drilled from the top of the chassis down so that I wouldn't miss the holes.

Here is a pic of the underside showing the old mount (red circle) and the new mount (yellow arrow).Use 3x16 screws to provide a good anchor. They will sit flush with the top of the chassis. I would use the newer hex hardware for a more professional looking build, but the chrome screws show up well for the pics.

Next up drill 2 holes in the inner corners of the body mount to secure it to the chassis mount holes with 2 3x10 screws (red arrow). Then drill 2 holes through the body mount into the back of the chassis. If using longer batts with the rear chassis wall removed, reverse these 3x10 screws (yellow arrow) so that they are facing out and will not poke the batts. Either way, secure with locknuts and washers.

You can then attach your transmission, and shock tower.
Use 2 3x10 screws up from the bottom through the shock tower, into the body mount (red arrow).The extension mounts on top of the lip of the shock tower. I found it easier to do this if I took the skid and tranny off first.

Then reattach the skid with trans mounted, screw the shock tower down to the trans, and the extension is complete. This whole mod can be completed in about 10-15 minutes. If you want to keep the same body holes, just turn the (real) body mount around 180*, mount it to the front of the shock tower and the stock body will mount right up, although it is a tight fit and the rear tires are moved back in the wheel wells. It looks ok though.
Here is a pic of everything together.

Seriously, try this mod, you will not be disappointed. I would love to see anyones version of this, so post it up here if you like. Thanks for lookin!