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    3906 going brushless. Questions....

    Getting my E maxx going again and I ordered an Ebay special 2250KV brushless system for it. However, after I ordered it I read on another forum that I may have to use an adapter plate to install the brushless motor to my transmission, does anyone know if this is true?
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    Hi. I did the same thing. I read where you can use the 2 motor mount but I chose to go with the single motor mount (part 5690X) and the single motor cover (part 5677R) Worked like a champ and I used a slightly larger engine from an HPI Savage Flux XL.

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    it will fit as long as it's a normal 550 sized can. the emaxx 3906 came with a dual motor mount for the titans, when you install one motor you just need to cover the other hole on the motor mount. novak made a nice plastic cover that screwed on. or you could just put some tape over the other motor hole.
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