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    Is it normal for the newer chassis to be lower than the old 3906?

    Can you guys help me clarify something just so I know my truck is normal?

    I recently picked up a new version E-maxx and noticed it has a little less ground clearance than my old 3906. If you lift both trucks up, the arms on the 3906 are clearly at a greater angle and on the newer truck they are closer to being horizontal.

    I just wondered if this was normal/expected? Also, the truck has RPM arms and shock towers which seem to have less scope for adjustment. I have set them for the greatest ride height but it still comes some way short of the oldie even when the 3906 is just on the stock settings.

    Do the RPM arms give a lower ride in general or is the newer E-maxx lower even with the stock arms?

    I'm not too bothered about it, I just want to know if it's normal or not for this truck. It would be nice to bump the ride height up a little for certain scenarios but the lower stance is probably better for all round use anyway.

    I'm basically just trying to find out if the later E-maxxes are just inherently lower than the 3906.

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    Interesting question. I don't have any specific numbers for you, but I feel like your observations are correct. The newer models are definitely wider than the original 3906 (pre-Wide Maxx suspension), and that may factor into the ride height some. When I installed the Pro-Line suspension kit on my original 3906 (before the Wide Maxx suspension came out), I did lose a bit of height in exchange for a wider, more stable truck. I nearly wore holes in my bodies from rolling my 3906 so often before I widened the suspension!
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