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    New summit transmitter problems

    I just bought a new 1/10 green summit, ordered the Bluetooth for the receiver, I tried to connect through the app and it wanted to update. Well it keeps saying try again and the receiver has a orange rapid flashing light.
    I removed the Bluetooth, still have the orange flash so no connect to receiver.
    Tried the default reset but get nothing.
    Snowing like mad out now and would love to try the summit rather than my erevo.
    Any ideas or tips?

    Thanks, Andy

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    I do not know how to grab a post from an older thread and put it here but the thread is called TQI with docking base flashing orange light dated Feb.23. 2015 at 02:50 pm by Tongotime it explains how those individuals made it work for them, i hope this helps.
    Maybe someone more computer savey can post it for you or grab it and put it here.

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    A little update,
    Contacted traxxas, they told me to use Duracell rather than rayovac batteries in the transmitter.
    I tried Duracell with no luck, called back and was told I must have received a text or call while I was updating the firmware via the link app. Couldn’t have because I was in airplane mode.
    Now they want me to send it in so they can reprogram the transmitter.
    So beware of the firmware update for the Bluetooth via the app.

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