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    Question Which 2.4GHZ 4-channel system should I get?

    I might be getting back into the R/C hobby soon, and when I do I want to buy a Traxxas 2.4GHZ system. I have to have 4 channels for the plans I have in store for my R/C. My question is, which system should I get? The "Traxxas Link" system looks too confusing and complicated for me. The "Spread Spectrum" system seems easier to deal with, but IDK the differences between the two. Could somebody explain the differences please? I've watched the videos and read up on them, but I'm stilll a little in the dark here. I would also like comments on how you like the radios. Thanks

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    Traxxas 2.4Ghz Link radios are spread spectrum. I think Traxxas makes a great radio. You may want to read the top thread in this radio forum. Peter V gave some good info about the different Traxxas 2.4 radios. Hope this helps.

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    If you think the Traxxas system is complicated .... you will be over-whelmed with the Futaba 4PK which is a top of the line 4 channel "wheel" controller.

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    I vote Futaba 4PK. You will never need to buy another radio. Quality is far beyond any trx tx I have ever seen and most guys end up ditching the trx radio's even the 2.4ghz ones very fast for something else. Airtronics, Spektrum, Futaba. Four main brands of radio's if you are going to buy something buy one of them
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