ive got a nitro rustler with quite a bit of upgrades that i really want to trade for either a 4-tec or a Revo. preferably a Revo, since im going off to Wyoming in a couple of months. theres not many roads out there...

it has:
1 set of lowered street shocks
1 set of off road shocks with spring set soft-hard
extended aluminum A-arms
aluminum rear a-arm mounts
fully adjustable aluminum shock towers
Jato turnbuckles for narrower turning radius (also hav the rusty version in aluminum)
Revo wing
Traxxas resonator pipe
Jato drive shafts
custom steel front bumper
1 set of talon wheels
1 set of anaconda wheels
1 set of IMEX all terrain dawgs (needs new foam i think)
1 custom airbrushed dodge ram body

i will also include all the extra parts i have for it. which are all the stock plastic parts, the radio and some other little nik-naks

i modded my engine about a year ago and it was so fast that the piston shot through the heatsink, teaching me a lesson that i shouldnt mod my engines

please let me know. i can be worked with, since this has been sitting for quite a while and i hav no plans to buy a new engine right away. but i will if i get a Revo or 4-Tec.