I'm considering upgrading the motor in my Slash 4x4 to get some more acceleration with possibly a bit more top speed (but more acceleration is more desirable than more top speed). I've done lots of searching and reading about attributes of motors (# of turns, kV rating, etc) and understand all the general concepts, but I cannot find any solid information on how to crunch the numbers to pick the motor that is right for your goals. Can anyone point me to such information?

For example, I think I want to get a Novak HV Pro motor, which comes in a variety of number of turns (and therefore, kV ratings). I have confirmed with Novak that within this line of motors, the kV rating and the torque of the motor are inversely and proportionally related. The HV Pro 5.5T (3700 kV) spins 23% faster than the HV Pro 7.5T (3000 kV), but also has 23% less torque. If I geared both motors for the same wheel RPM/Volt, the result would be the same acceleration and same top speed from both motors, but different sized pinion and/or spur gears. So how do I choose between the different motors?

There is obviously some physical limit to gear sizes that will fit, so I know that is part of the equation. From what I've read, it seems much easier to gear a Slash 4x4 higher than stock without trimming parts than it is to gear it lower than stock.

Is the answer simply to get the lowest kV rating on a motor such that I can physically gear it up to my desired top speed? Or is there some reason that it would be preferable to go with a higher kV rating and lower gearing?

Again, I'm not looking for generalizations like, "if you gear a motor up, it'll give you more speed, but the motor will run hotter." I understand those concepts. I'm looking for information about how to start with some goals and calculate which motor is best to meet those goals.