I have a very strange issue going on with my new 2.4 Link system. I picked up a 2.4 Link HO and receiver from a T-Maxx and put it into my EMBE, everything great. I picked up a second receiver with plans of installing it into my electric 4-tec. However, after binding the receiver and transmitter together, I found out I had steering but no throttle. Here's the things I checked:

1. Steering and throttle both work perfect with original AM radio
2. Steering and throttle both work perfect with the old style 2.4 system pulled from my EMBE. I hooked up that receiver and transmitter, no issues at all.
3. New receiver works perfect in my EMBE. I can use either receiver in it with no problems.

I'm beginning to wonder now if for some strange reason the XTM Sportsman and Link receiver is not playing nicely together. Unfortunately I don't have an extra ESC lying around to test that theory with, but I'm really stumped since every other combo I have here works perfect, except for this one. Any input/suggestions/thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.