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    Receiver gone CRAZY! And No Reverse

    Hey guys! I have not posted here for a long time! I just installed a Traxxas Link 2.4ghz receiver on a Rustler. Even though I did the binding procedure very carefully, it takes off FULL FORCE on its own when I just BARELY touch the throttle. I can make it stop by playing with the throttle a bit, but it happens every time I power up and barely touch the throttle. On top of everything, it has no reverse. What is going on here. How do you stop this and make it behave normally?
    Lots of brushless power in the garage.

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    Although there are plenty of helpful and informative forum members here to help you, the best bet for troubleshooting any Traxxas product is to call 888-TRAXXAS (888-872-9927). You'll get a real, live person who can say, "If that doesn't work, try this." Much easier than waiting for new posts!

    Have your truck and transmitter ready so the tech can walk you through binding and speed control setup, and so you can describe what is/isn't happening.

    They'll get you dialed in!

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