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    Conversion in the works

    Got an eBay 4x4 chassis & needing new tires. Care to give suggestions on all terrian tires? Also what body choices other that stock do I have? Will emaxx or erevo fit? 4x4VXL Slash Rustler & VCreeper

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    depemds on what you are going to do with the truck. keeping it a race truck, here are a few options for you.

    rims (they have several different color choices)

    tires (again many choices)

    body (AGAIN several choices)

    now if you want a mt (monster truck) then here are a few more choices.

    rims (bassically any 2.8/30 series wheel) (most common, you may need the rear instead of the fronts)

    tires (again any 2.8/30 series tires) (again most common)

    body (i have seen this one on a 4x4 slash when the truck first came out) (i think you will need 2 sets of front body mounts from the 2wd slash to make it work.)

    hope this helps good luck.
    rustler vxl 2.4

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