So I was really excited to do a MMM for my Summit on Monday. At TRAXXAS yesterday, a tech there said "Dont do it!". He listed several reasons:

-You will lose water-proofing
-Summit was not built for high speed, i should buy an e-revo-brushless
-Locking Diffs dont like the MMM
-Gears and other componets dont like the MMM
-MMM does not climb hills and do off-road as well as the TITAN
-MMM does not have enough low end...

What do you guys have to say about this?

If you have a 100% STOCK summit, and wanted to upgrade to a MMM, what ALL components would you need to change or upgrade?

1. MMM & ESC - $255
2. Lipo Batteries - $220?
3. Lipo Charger - $150?
4. Gears?
5. Fluids???
6. Wheelie bar??!?!?
7. NEW TIRES?!?!?!

All of the options and the lack of "official instructions" make my head spin. I wish the SUMMIT forum here had SUB forums.