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    Received 2208 4ch TX

    Just to let the people that care know, the model 2208 TX/RX combo is out. I backordered it from Tower on the 1st of March and received it today. I installed it my E-Maxx and it works great. Now I can I can turn my LED lights on and off via the transmitter.

    Anyone know where I can obtain a siren so I can do sound effects too?

    How I just love the little things in life! hehehe

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    Good work, looks like the mail flows there one day quicker . I ordered Feb 11 and it should be arriving today.

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    Dang! My backorder still was not filled, but I noticed they had just the Tx only in stock so I ordered it and cancelled the backorder. You guys got the extra Rx for only $7 bucks more.

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