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    Wow, that seems extremely fast. I'm thinking he is using the alternate pinion, no?

    Thanks br07 for the confirmation re voltage.

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    thanks. yes, a little flex is what i meant. I'm just worried that it will form and i wont' be able to use it properly with my regular sticks.

    Quote Originally Posted by phlegm
    Parusa3 - I have that exact battery, and yes, you have to remove the foam block. I just swap the block in and out depending on the battery I'm using.

    Also re "too fat for the holder", I think you mean that you have a tough time fitting the battery retaining bar over it. (?)

    I noticed the same thing, but it's not a big deal. The bar has some flexibility to it, so it eventually fits without issue. (I don't remember if I have to flip the bar over or not.)

    Overall though, I like that battery.

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    No probs,

    with regards to battery foams don't worry, I take mine out every day as I have two different lipos and a nimh that I use for water/wet diriving.

    I dont stick them down I just squeeze the battery in there with the foams.

    You can use anything like an old sponge for the car e.t.c

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