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    Angry TQ 2.4 Radio Programming

    Ok so I purchased the new 2239 radio with the three channel. I wanted to do First Person View or FPV so I wanted the 2.4 system. I looked at the previous post where danielhr77 modified his 2.4 radio to also have the 3rd and 4th channel work. I thought great! Ill get the new High Output radio that came with my 3.3 Tmaxx and add an additional channel and make it similar to the Summit radio with the diff lock switch.. Short story long, the circuit board has the 4th channel circuitry but will not send the 4th signal. This is of course non other then a Traxxas thing.. So now im horribly upset and regret buying this stupid TQ radio. Should have bought a Spektrum for not much more.. They also made it so if you try to add that 4th channel, you have to cut a sticker that voids your radios warranty. I know this was mentioned somewhere by a mod but regardless it was a small price to pay for a huge gain.. I was wrong again.. So now im stuck with a 3 channel radio that has the possibility to be a 4 channel radio but can't because of the manufacturer.. Regardless I will push forward and make sacrifices ones more.. Sounds like a repetitive thing with Traxxas.. I thought RC was supposed to be fun? At any rate I got to thinking. This is most likely a software issue in the controller and I guess someone at Traxxas had time on their hands to create a version that disabled the 4th channel.. Again Boo! I noticed at the bottom on the radio that there was a programming port.. Got to thinking and wondering what kinda data I could pull from that port.. Ive done some software snooping and backwards engineering before with cell phones and other devices so I think this will be my little project. Maybe I could figure out a way to unlock that 4th channel in the radio. Its really a shame that Traxxas would go as far as to change the software so that we couldn't add that extra channel for those who would dare to.. Im a bit upset but either way ill try and post what I find.. Anyone have any insight on this post it here.. Would love to get a conversation going.

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    Hey M3Roc, yes, you're right, some TQ radios will not work with my mod... It's a software lock, not a hardware lock like in the old 2.4Ghz gray radio...

    And, I was also wondering if it's possible to use that programming port on the bottom of the TQ... Would be great if we can read the binary code out of the microcontroller on the 5-channel TQ, and burn it into another microcontroller on a 2-channel TQ...

    I see two problems there... First, how to read and write the binary code from and to the microcontroller... Second, if the microcontroller is read protected you won't be able to read the binary code...

    If I have some time, I'll take a look at it, but, it's not an easy task...

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