I have a lot of wheels (old skool) for my 1st Gen E-Maxx and my 2.5 Classic T-Maxx. I was curious if they could be adapted to the new Summit. This may be old news already, so forgive me if it has already been posted.

Anyway, I discovered that the pin and 14mm drive hub from the T/E-Maxx is a direct fit onto the wheel driving hub of the Summit. And the 17mm pin and hub from the Summit will bolt directly onto the T/E-Maxx. This means that if you have some T/E-Maxx wheels you would like to use on your Summit, there is nothing that needs to be purchased. It is a direct bolt on swap.

Some photos will explain what I am talking about.

T/E-Maxx truck with the Summit hubs:

Summit with the hubs from the T/E-Maxx:

Summit wheel mounted onto my T-Maxx:

And some of my old T/E-Maxx wheels posing on the Summit: