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    slipper cluth assembly

    Can some one tell me If I did wrong.
    Is this the correct way to assembly the slipper clutch, or is like the drawing (exploded view) cause I have a bearing inside the 54T spur gear and the black piece before the spring.

    Cause here we have two differents asemblies drawing and picture taken from another thread. I dont know how to do it.

    How many bearing should I have? cause I only have one (And I put it inside the spur gear.

    please help new at this.

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    You need that bearing with the arrow pointed to it. Look inside the motor mount and see if its stuck in there. That bearing has a tendency to fail. Best to get some extra of those.

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    that blue bearing is a 15x10mm

    the bearing inside the spur is a 11x5mm

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